What if social is taking our kids into Universal Intelligence and why not let them dive in?

At work we have been developing new ideas in data scaling, education performance, high performance non linear forecasting and better coffee making.

And with more exposure to teachers and technology conferences that I can shake a porter filter at, I have been motivated to try out more social apps and methods of blast communicating.

While percolating the coffee, and a few thoughts, a crazy idea popped into my head, what if our kids’ generation is going to be the first clear ‘generational’ step towards Kurzweil’s Universal Intelligence?

Are social apps leading us to a new concept of Artificial Intelligence? Or possibly a different Integrated Intelligence, where we skip the “Artificial” all together and crowdsource, Quora style, to answer challenging problems by partitioning parts of the problems across us as individuals. (like how to overcome gravity and get those hoverboards by 2015)

One great concept that looks to be working its way towards this (and that is already targeting kids) is Deforestaction.

It raises a few questions:

  1. Do I want my kids being Processing Units making up a big, socially linked computer?
  2. Didn’t Douglas Adams already come up with this idea?
  3. Is this the only way to ensure our future alien overlords will be eventually overthrown?

Also what happens to P=NP?

Gotta go, smell burning java beans.